Stress Less

Anne offers workshops to schools, libraries, and other venues in which she can discuss tools for enhancing social and emotional well-being aimed at youth and the people who work with them.  So much of one's time is spent ruminating on the past or worrying about the future, both of which cause unnecessary stress.  Through engaging in contemplative practices such as mindfulness, yoga, breathing, dance, music, or many others one can increase their well-being by focusing on the present.

Meet your Spirit Animal

Did you know you have an animal spirit guide or possibly more than one that wants to help you in life?  In a workshop aimed at teens, but that can be tailored for kids, Anne will lead a guided meditation that allows participants to meet their spirit animal(s).  Participants are then invited to gain further understanding of their guide(s) through a creative process of their choice.  They can either draw or write a story about the animal they met in the guided meditation.  This will lead participants to discover traits and characteristics of the animal(s), and begins to develop the relationship.

 Anne will support the participants by asking questions about what comes to their mind when they think of the animal that they met.  After participants have begin to develop a relationship, she will ask each participant if they have a question for their spirit animal(s).  Anne will then “talk” with the animal and share what they have to communicate.  I will also have Spirit Animal books on hand for those who are interested in discovering more about the animal(s) they met.