A Note About Testimonials

I would like to thank the souls who willingly share their experiences.  I would also like to honor and acknowledge Spirit, without whom I can do no work.  If you'd like to share a testimonial but wish to remain private, you are welcome to just use your initials, or remain completely anonymous.  Either way, I am grateful. Sharing your experience helps others to brave the unknown.

I am honored by your words and your trust in me.  I thank you from the very core of my heart

Butterfly on Skyline Drive in VA

I have been involved with greyhound rescue for over twenty years, as well as having my own as pets.  Throughout this time I've sought out the help of animal communicators to help resolve issues with my dogs or to speak with the ones who have gone to the Bridge.  Being an energy worker myself, there are two things I look for in a communicator, intention and integrity.  Anne embodies both of these qualities with a sincere concern to help the animals entrusted to her.  I have found her not only to be accurate but also dedicated  to working for the greater good of the animals.  I will not hesitate to use her services whenever I have an animal in need!

-Ruth (New Haven County, CT)

Grizzly Bears at the Louisville Zoo

Dear Anne

Once Anne placed her hands on me, I immediately felt healing energy. Anne is truly gifted and those she touches become gifted.

-James (Westchester County, NY)

Snowy Owl at the Louisville Zoo

Anne did an animal communication session with my horse, Speedy, who has been recently suffering from Lyme Disease.  She never met Speedy but nailed his personality to a T.  She said she immediately got a strong communicative connection with him which is very much like Speedy who is always very eager to communicate and is a very expressive horse.  She said that she thought he had pain in the shoulder and lower back - which is consistent where the chiropractor often has found him out before (withers, lower vertebrate).  She also said that Speedy told her that he would like to be ridden more which is consistent with his personality as he is a horse that likes to work and gets in trouble when he is not worked consisently.  When she told him he was beautiful he said that he knew - which is very much like him and made me laugh.

-Jeau (Somerset County, NJ)