A Note About Testimonials

Butterfly on Skyline Drive in VA

I would like to thank the souls who willingly share their experiences.  I would also like to honor and acknowledge Spirit, without whom I can do no work.  If you'd like to share a testimonial but wish to remain private, you are welcome to just use your initials, or remain completely anonymous.  Either way, I am grateful. Sharing your experience helps others to brave the unknown.

I am honored by your words and your trust in me.  I thank you from the very core of my heart

I turned to Anne for help with my sweet min-pin Tukka during the last months of her life here with me. I was especially concerned about Tukka’s comfort level since she wanted to cross over naturally without assistance from our vet. Anne has a special gift of being able to easily connect with Tukka and me in a gentle and caring way. Her kindness is clearly genuine. After Reiki for both Tukka and I, we were instantly calmer. It was amazing to see and feel the change in our bodies' energy levels. Anne was always patient with any questions I had and offered great support during this difficult time. Thanks to Anne’s information I was relieved to confirm that Tukka’s spirit had crossed over the day before her body stopped functioning, so she was no longer suffering. I encourage everyone to turn to Anne for a compassionate connection with their animals. I plan to continue my Reiki sessions with her in the future to maintain my emotional serenity.

Flo (LA County, CA)

Thank you so much for the excellent Animal Spirit Guide reading yesterday at the Awaken Fair in NYC.

I felt that you had a real connection to the spirit world.  You have a talent for communicating with that world and with this world.  I felt you radiated a deep sense of caring and understanding.

Diana B. 

and my Animal Totem "Edward" the Tortoise (NYC, NY)

I cannot thank Anne enough for her spiritual connection to me and my dog Lacey.
Through her intuitive nature she has helped me understand Lacey's past and her current feelings about living with us. As a rescue dog ,we found her at the SPCA in Briarcliff , NY in April 2011 and always wondered what "baggage" she came to us with. It was comforting to hear Lacey was well taken care of and left of her own doing.

Anne patiently was able to connect with Lacey. I now have clarity as to why Lacey is reluctant to have strangers enter the house as it disrupts the positive nature she enjoys with just my family. I have taken Anne's recommendations to ease Lacey into meeting new people and assure her she is surrounded by loving energy.

Anne has a true gift to connect with creatures of nature and I am happy to have found her.

Dolores A. (Westchester, NY)

My pet reading with Anne was spot on. She accurately picked up on me (with great detail) and the personality of my dog Amber, whom I adopted this year. It’s very interesting how Anne picked up that some of my dog’s fear aggression towards other dogs is related in part to how ungrounded I have been for the past few months. I always knew Amber to be an intuitive little dog. I now have a clearer picture of just how much of an empath my dog is and how even subtle energy affects her. Anne gave great advice for myself and Amber so that we can both be happier and feel more at ease with Life! Thank you Anne, your clarity and compassion for pets and people is amazing!
Donna Russo (Laurence Harbor, NJ)

I had the pleasure of having a reading with Anne at the 2015 Awaken Fair in Tarrytown, NY. I was deeply moved by Anne's intuitiveness and connection to spirit animals and enjoyed learning about my own spirit animal, a swan named Frank. Anne helped to communicate a message that is meaningful to me through my spirit animal and I couldn't have been happier with the experience. I would love to have a pet reading and reiki with Anne in the future.

Rebecca S. (Westchester County, NY)

Dear Anne

Thank you for connecting me with an animal messenger guide.  I was initially thrown but having taken into consideration the messages you were receiving through the Bat, and later doing some research on its symbolic essence, I immediately saw the relevance to a major challenge I am currently facing.  Bat is helping me to ‘see the way’ with renewed confidence! Thank you for such valuable insight!


Denise W. (Westchester County, NY)

Anne was amazing! I was so excited to finally get to meet her. She has a great energy and seemed to know my cat very well w/ out asking me questions or me telling her any information. I was also surprised to find out my spirit animal is a lizard named Iggy. It was a great experience and I would definitely see her again and recommend her to family or friends.

Erin M. (Westchester County, NY)

My experience with Anne has been very good during the past year that I have worked with her.  I feel comfortable with and trust Anne.  She is very accurate with her readings. Anne respects other's beliefs, is kind, patient and I feel no pressure.  Whenever she makes a connection between me & my spirit animal, I am given the opportunity to be in a sacred space where I can deepen my connection with my spirit animal. I look forward to my next session with her.

Malik, age 12 (Westchester County, NY)

I have been involved with greyhound rescue for over twenty years, as well as having my own as pets.  Throughout this time I've sought out the help of animal communicators to help resolve issues with my dogs or to speak with the ones who have gone to the Bridge.  Being an energy worker myself, there are two things I look for in a communicator, intention and integrity.  Anne embodies both of these qualities with a sincere concern to help the animals entrusted to her.  I have found her not only to be accurate but also dedicated  to working for the greater good of the animals.  I will not hesitate to use her services whenever I have an animal in need!

-Ruth (New Haven County, CT)

Dear Anne

Once Anne placed her hands on me, I immediately felt healing energy. Anne is truly gifted and those she touches become gifted.

-James (Westchester County, NY)

Anne did an animal communication session with my horse, Speedy, who has been recently suffering from Lyme Disease.  She never met Speedy but nailed his personality to a T.  She said she immediately got a strong communicative connection with him which is very much like Speedy who is always very eager to communicate and is a very expressive horse.  She said that she thought he had pain in the shoulder and lower back - which is consistent where the chiropractor often has found him out before (withers, lower vertebrate).  She also said that Speedy told her that he would like to be ridden more which is consistent with his personality as he is a horse that likes to work and gets in trouble when he is not worked consisently.  When she told him he was beautiful he said that he knew - which is very much like him and made me laugh.

-Jeau (Somerset County, NJ)