Sadie and I

I’ve always known animals would play an important role in my life.  Whether it was the dog, cats, small companion animals that I had as pets; or the horses I grew up riding at the local barn; or the wild and endangered animals I helped care for and feed at my high school’s zoo; they have always been there to teach me unconditional love and help me through the lowest points in my life.

I had struggled with depression and not feeling as if I had a place in this world for most of my life.  I felt alienated by the people around me, and would only find comfort when I was with animals.  My depression seemed to hit a breaking point in 2010, with the death of my mother from breast cancer.  I hit my lowest point and ended up being hospitalized several times for depression and suicidal thoughts.

It was during a group art class at the hospital, that I was first introduced to the role of animals teaching unconditional love.  We were guided to find our spirit animal and to then draw that animal.  I met a rabbit, and in addition to the characteristics that I already associate with them, I found out that they represent fertility and new life.  There was a part of me even then, that knew meeting rabbit was a representation of my life was about to completely change.

Once out of the hospital, I visited a Metaphysical store called Traprock Suite, and the owner Suzanne Whittle welcomed me with open arms.  She discovered I had two retired racing greyhounds and asked me to bring them to the store so she could meet them.  It turned out that I would spend much of my weekends visiting and learning about spirituality.  I had never experienced a psychic reading or much of anything “new age”. Somehow it all felt like coming home to a friend.  I wasn't learning this for the first time, I was remembering what I had always known in my heart and soul.

Too Tall and I

One day Suzanne gave my dogs, Too Tall and Kelly, a short Reiki demonstration which relaxed the two of them even more than they normally are.  It was then that I realized this was something that I wanted to pursue to benefit the well-being of my own pets.  However, that eventually changed to me wanting to help all animals. 

A few months later, when I was looking to go away, I turned to Suzanne who suggested to go to Kripalu.  It is a Yoga and Holistic Health Center where Danielle Mackinnon, an Intuitive, was holding a weekend workshop teaching Animal Communication.  I thought this was a class on understanding animal body language, but little did I know it was a class to learn how to communicate or “talk” with animals.

By the end of the first day of class, I was in tears because I didn't think that I belonged there.  I went to Danielle and told her of my doubts about communicating with animals intuitively.  She reassured me that this was where I belonged and I shouldn't give up.

Now several years later, I am amazed how far I have progressed.  I no longer struggle with depression and I have done many animal communication sessions.  In fact, one of my fondest moments came from when I did an animal communication party.  A mother and daughter wanted to know what their deceased horse's fondest memory was.  At first, I was hesitant to tell them what I saw, because it was of their horse curled up on a bed of hay with a teddy bear.  There was no way this actually happened.  Danielle had taught me to trust myself, so I felt some confidence in telling them what I saw.  However, as they burst into tears I felt that I had made a mistake.  Once they had calmed a bit they told me that as the horse lay dying the daughter was lying next to the horse with a teddy bear.

I have indeed learned that I can communicate with animals and in fact that it is my soul purpose.  It has been a long journey and it continues, but thanks to the many teachers I've had, including spirit, people and animals, I'm now on the path to fulfilling my life's purpose.  Thank you to all those who have, and will in the future help me find my true self.